First Steps

10 top tips for employees and employers to protect your position in a work dispute

For employee

• Don’t do anything rash or sudden in response to something
• Think twice before sending an email – as it could be used against you later
• Don’t disclose confidential information except to your lawyer
• Don’t email to your personal email account work emails and confidential information
• Stay calm – no matter how your current situation is playing out, keep a cool head on your shoulders
• Don’t sign anything unless it has been reviewed by your lawyer
• Write down everything you can that is relative to your situation and while it’s fresh in your head
• Check any guidance in your employment contract/staff handbook
• Watch your back
• Seek legal advice early

For employer

• Don’t make hasty decisions
• Involve HR
• Check your policies and procedures
• Follow your processes
• Maintain confidentiality
• Keep records of meetings
• Be consistent
• Be objective
• Have a strategy
• Seek legal advice early

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