Month: January 2018

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Are you tough enough to be in HR?


I’ve always thought that a job in HR must be hard. At least I’ve always thought that doing a job well in HR must be hard. (more…)

How do I prove unequal pay?


The recent resignation by Carrie Gracie, the China editor of the BBC, has reignited the furore over equal pay at the BBC. (more…)

Why stay in a job you’re unhappy in?


I often see clients who tell me how awful their job has been. It could be that they’ve had clashes with their boss. It could be that they’ve been overlooked for promotion. It could be that their performance has been scrutinised. It might even be that they’ve been bullied or harassed. Sometimes, events go back years.

When I’ve listened to everything I usually ask: “Have you ever looked for another job?”

The answer is, frequently, “no.” (more…)